Closed for Sandy

UPDATE 10/30 12:25 PM:

With lower Manhattan still out of power we are still closed. We have heard rumors of the power being out south of 25th st for 3 more days. We will keep you posted on our status here at the NYC shop.

For help or questions regarding orders please contact the upstate office at 716-651-9169.

Meanwhile, our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost so much in this storm. If you can do anything to help those in need today, get out there and do it.


LV’s New York showroom wIll be closed until Sandy passes through, hopefully leaving us all safe and sound.

If you’re in the metro area we hope you’re taking this as seriously as you should! If you haven’t yet, make all the necessary preparations now, heed evacuation warnings, and hunker down. It is going to get ugly out there.

Be smart, be safe, and god speed.