How it works

When selecting a floor at LV, we encourage you to start with the general color and feel you are looking for, rather than be preoccupied with species or finish type, dimensions and installation methods. We will get to all of that later.

We like to decide on a look and a style first, then gauge what kind of traffic and use the floor will have, and then figure out the requirements of the installation. All of these pieces of the puzzle help us to determine the best way to make your floor.

All of our floors are made on woods that are hard enough to perform in any installation, residential or commercial. Some choices are of course better than others depending on the situation, but color is where we like begin.

Color becomes our main guiding factor because most of our floors can be made in any size, grade and format – format meaning in solid wood or engineered wood.

After you place your order, if the product is in stock we will ship it to you as soon as you are ready for it, or hold it until you are ready to receive it.
If you’ve ordered a custom product, we make you a control sample for approval before producing the floor. The samples take about a week from the date of order to arrive in our shop or at your home.

Once the sample is approved, the lead time for highly custom floors (Bespoke and Patina) ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. For made-to-order stock colors, the lead time is about half of that.

  • Dimensions & Formats


    • Standard Thickness is 3/4″. Custom thickness upon request.
    • Board widths range from 3″ – 12″ wide. Wider boards available upon request.
    • Board lengths are 2′ – 10′ random lengths. Longer lengths available upon request.



    • Standard Thickness is 5/8″ or 3/4″. Custom thickness upon request.
    • Standard hardwood top layer is 4.5 mm for 5/8″ thick planks.
    • 3/4″ thick engineered planks have a 6mm top layer.
    • Board widths range from 3″ – 12″ wide. Wider boards available upon request.
    • Board lengths are 2′ – 10′ random lengths. Longer lengths available upon request.
  • Surfaces & Finishes

    Throughout our lines there are many different surface options, but really only 2 finish options, they are:

    Oil Finishes:
    These are true oil finishes, not oil based polyurethanes. Most of our oil finishes are VOC Free, plant based oils such as Rubio Monocoat or Woca. These finishes are very matte in appearance and leave wood feeling more natural.

    Water Based Polyurethane:
    Low VOC water based finishes are used on the majority of our floors Bespoke, Patina, Reclaimed, Euro Oak, and the Heritage line. These finishes range in gloss from matte, to satin, up to semi and high gloss. Depending on which gloss you choose, these finishes can leave wood feeling more coated or polished.

    Surface Treatments include, but are not limited to:

    • Hand Scraping – *true* hand scraping
    • Distressing – dings & dents
    • Nail Holes – authentic and / or simulated
    • Saw Marks – radial and / or linear
    • Torching – exactly what it sounds like
    • Wire Brushing – adds grain texture
    • Metal Top Nails – non structural metal top nails at ends of planks
    • Pegs – non structural wooden pegs at ends of planks
  • Installation Methods

    Installation methods vary greatly depending on site conditions, but here are some general guidelines:

    Solid wood is typically nailed, or nailed and glued, to a plywood subfloor.

    Engineered wood is most commonly glued down to concrete subfloors. An additional sound-proofing or moisture blocking barrier is often included in this type of installation.

    Engineered floors are also usually the best choice for gluing down over radiant heat installations.

    In either format, when planks are particularly wide, gluing and nailing is always good practice if possible.

  • Getting Started

    To reach the appropriate rep, follow the guidelines below:

    If you are based in the NYC area, or if you plan on visiting the NYC store, contact us here.

    If you are based anywhere else in the world contact The Annex.

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