Euro Oak Roscoe

European Oak

Character Grade

Brushed Surface Texture

Matte UV Oil

  • Surfaces & Finishes

    Euro Oak Roscoe features a brushed surface finished with a matte UV-cured oil.

  • Dimensions & Formats

    Euro Oak Roscoe is available in a 3/4" thick engineered plank. The plank width is 9 1/2" and the lengths are fixed at 8' long.

  • Installation Methods

    Installation methods vary depending on wood format and site conditions, but here are some general guidelines:

    • Solid wood is typically nailed, or nailed and glued, to a plywood subfloor.
    • Engineered wood is typically glued down to concrete or plywood subfloors, with or without an underlayment such a sound abating mat or a moisture barrier, depending on site conditions/requirements. 
    • Engineered floors are also usually the best choice for gluing down over radiant heat installations.
    • In either format, when planks are particularly wide, gluing and nailing is always good practice if possible.