The Smith NoMad

The Smith NoMad - 2017




From the Architect:

The design brief was to create an American Brasserie that could be able to transition from an early breakfast to a late dinner.  The Smith is a familiar destination for the next door neighbor and for the NY first-timer.  The design element evokes the energy of the city and takes its inspiration from the underground subway sysetem...something very familiar to every new yorker.  

We wanted the restaurant to not feel empty or intimidating when not at full capacity.  So our solution was to turn the energy of the street inwards.  The main site challenge was to homogenize the different spaces despite the remnants of its past.  We needed to level the floor on the north side to elongate the dining room.  

The bar is parallel to Broadway and the dining room follows W 27th both following the rhythm of the Broadway disrupting the grid.  the street energy is captured and sent back by the mirrors and the glossy white tiles.  The rhythm is accentuated by the hexaonal columns.  Each stron pattern delimits a spatial moment.  The black and white marble mosaic floor acts as visual cues for circulation.  The wood bench evokes the subway's past.  

What was used for this project