Theory - Greene Street New York

Theory, Greene Street NYC

Rigos Mills

From the Interior Architect: 

This large NYC flagship store in lower Soho was created by combining two separate stores. The store design was based on the new design which was implemented in Beijing. We started the inspiration for design by again looking back to the roots of the area - this time artist lofts which were prominent in the area in the 1970's. 

Starting with a warm palette of materials - rich oak plank flooring, terrazzo for fixtures and a coffee bar. With a nod to the artistic heritage of the area, we also commissioned a custom sculpture which ran the length of the store; the inspiration for this was a bronze bertoia sculptire. While most of the furniture were designed by the team, we also included some new pieces made for us by local artists. 

The result is an airy, loft-like space which can be transformed and changed for each season and rotating events. 

What was used for this project